Freedom Alliance advances the American heritage of freedom by honoring and encouraging military service, defending the sovereignty of the United States and promoting a strong national defense.

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During COVID Pandemic, Freedom Alliance Helps 550 Students Attend College, Awards $2.1 Million in Scholarships to Children of Military Heroes

During a year of financial uncertainty and campus shutdowns, Freedom Alliance stood by the children of fallen and wounded military heroes by awarding $2.1 million in college scholarships to 550 students. Each is the son or daughter of a service member who lost life or limb defending our country in the Armed Forces.

In Survey, Freedom Alliance Scholarship Students Provide Their Opinions on Returning to College Campuses

Dulles, Virginia – Freedom Alliance is a charitable organization which supports our nation’s military families and injured service members. As part of our outreach, we award college scholarships for the […]

Important Update for Students: President Trump Extends Student Loan Relief

Freedom Alliance works with hundreds of college students each year, providing them scholarships to make their education more affordable. Each scholarship honors a student’s parent who sacrificed life or limb […]

Freedom Alliance Graduate Spotlight

Danielle Pryor Drexel University Army Major John P. Pryor, was a trauma and critical care surgeon in Philadelphia before he joined the Army Reserves. He served his first tour in [...]

2020 Graduate Spotlight: Jesse Garcia

Jesse Garcia’s father, CSM Garcia, served multiple deployments to Afghanistan with both the Army and the Army National Guard. Today, he suffers from PTSD and a myriad of other health [...]

Oliver North Sends Message of Encouragement to Scholarship Recipients

  This year, more than 100 of our scholarship recipients will enter the workforce as engineers, educators, medical professionals, entrepreneurs and other professions. In lieu of a traditional commencement address, […]

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